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Vincent was born in 2003 and has been playing guitar since he was five years old. His music and performing is his passion. Vincent released his first record at age fifteen titled Lines. His most recent record, Vincent Bonelli, was released in 2021 and features ten new original tracks. In 2021 he moved to Nashville, TN to pursue a degree in Commercial Music at Belmont University. Currently, Vincent performs around Nashville as a solo act or with his band. He also plays guitar for Cam Gallagher and the Tasty Soul. In 2023 he began working on his latest work Reset which is a four song EP set to release April 19th, 2024. Follow Vincent on social media to see more updates on Vincent's shows and recording projects

Recommendations and Comments

"Just a short note to thank you, Vincent, for your outstanding efforts last night. Your talent and professionalism belie your age, and we highly recommend you to anyone who is considering hiring you to perform. Keep up the good work!"

-Rick Johnston (from the band The Chicago Authority)

"He's...umm... 12 years old. Beyond his obvious talent and skills, he's a really nice kid. It's the third or fourth time Vince has done a show with us. He's exponentially better every time."

-The Strictly Hip Band

"Check this guy out. At 13 he is already putting gigs together on the Buffalo circuit. Keep your eyes open for his shows and give him support if you can! The future of the Buffalo music scene is in good hands here."

-Harvey Brice (from the band The Unbroken)

"Vincent you Rock!! Anyone who hasnt seen this young man play needs to cause hes going to be Big!!"

-Brian Beaudry (Roadtrip)

"So how often is a bar full of 55 - 70 year olds and the band leader is 14, AND the business is so good that the owner requests an overtime hour and compensates them handsomely for it! Kudos to the band, the owner, & the audience."

-Stu Weissman

"Mark my words- keep an eye out for Vincent Bonelli- he's the real deal!"

-Jim Bohm

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